Communities expand. Communities contract. The ability to identify and capture opportunities to attract and retain business is the key to which direction the community heads. A strong business climate leads to growth - jobs, the tax base, boundaries and population. Working with the right partner can enable a community to be ahead of the curve when it comes to business retention and expansion…

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Opportunity Seized

Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) Consulting
Economic Development Consultants, Business Development Resources (BDR) will empower your community to seize opportunities. Offering a comprehensive suite of consulting services, BDR can guide you through the process of identifying your current state, defining your goals and developing and implementing a plan to help you seize opportunities to sustain and grow your community…              read more

Economic Gardening & Market Development

A commitment to growing local businesses.
When local governments partner with local businesses to providing local businesses to provide them with support and services that allow them to create and sustain growth, those businesses become highly incentivized to remain in the community. The concept is call Economic Gardening, which was pioneered in Littleton, Colorado in the late 80s…             read more

Economic Development Consultants :: How We Work

Partners in your growth.
As Economic Development Consultants, BDR partners with 3rd tier and rural communities to enable them to facilitate the growth of the local economy, geographic boundaries and more. Our approach begins with a discussion. We'll work to gain an understanding of your past, present and desired future, as well as a clear vision of your business environment. With that knowledge we'll begin to craft a plan that will address your business retention and expansion goals…             read more
Case Studies
1. Boise Cascade Retention Project. The Boise Cascade Mill in North Medford burned to the ground. Over 450 jobs were lost. Partnering with the city of Medford, Oregon, a plan was developed to entice the company to rebuild rather than relocate, recapturing more than 350 of the jobs lost to the fire...
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Business Development Resources (BDR) is an economic consulting firm
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